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Court orders release of Prisoner of Conscience Irom Sharmila

19 August 2014
The Manipur East Sessions Court ruled that authorities had failed to establish that Irom Sharmila had intended to commit suicide.

Lan​​dmark Bombay court directions to prevent torture must be adopted across India

19 August 2014
This progressive ruling must spur other measures to end the widespread police torture in India.

India: Respect for human rights crucial for true independence

15 August 2014
The Narendra Modi govt must keep its human rights promises and reiterate its commitment to protecting and upholding basic freedoms.

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Remembering Adv. Mukul Sihna

25 May 2014
To pay our real tribute to Mukul bhai, we should accelerate our work of mobilizing people in order to defend human rights.

Indian Elections 2014: Indian politicians must deliver on their promises

15 May 2014
Two national parties, the DMK and the CPI(M), pledged to abolish the death penalty.

Torture: Global crisis exposed by new worldwide campaign

13 May 2014
At least 141 countries have tortured or carried out other forms of ill-treatment in the past five years.

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Amnesty International India’s Thanksgiving

Where: Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, 20, Maharajapuram Santhanam Road, T. Nagar Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017.
When: Sunday 11 May, 4:00 pm

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Juveniles detained under the draconian PSA released

Urgent Action appeals were issued calling for the release of juveniles who had been detained under the Public Safety Act.

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