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Voices of Amnesty

Voices Of Amnesty - Jafferkhanpet,Chennai

Where: Corporation Community Centre. Vadivel Naikhan Street, Near Kasi Theatre, Chennai
When: Sunday 14 September, 11:00 am

Voices Of Amnesty - Villivakkam,Chennai

Where: SIDCO nagar, Corporation community centre, SIDCO Nagar Main road, Near sub registrar office. Villivakkam
When: Sunday 14 September, 4:00 pm

Voices Of Amnesty - Teynampet,Chennai

Where: K B Dhasan Corporation community hall, K Barathidasan Road (K B Dhasan Road ), Near SIET college
When: Saturday 04 October, 5:00 pm

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Historic Supreme Court ruling upholds online freedom of expression

24 March 2015
A landmark judgement by India’s Supreme Court striking down a vague and overbroad law on online expression is a defining moment for freedom of expression in the country

Uttar Pradesh student arrested for social media post must be released

19 March 2015
A teenage student arrested by the Uttar Pradesh police for a social media post must be immediately released

Global opposition to USA big brother mass surveillance

17 March 2015
The United States’ mass surveillance of internet and phone use flies in the face of global public opinion

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Rethink land bill changes

26 March 2015
While the central government is in a hurry to boost ‘nation-building’ projects, it is important to remember what SIA implies under the very Act that the BJP helped pass in 2013.


17 March 2015
Your two-minute #UnfollowMe guide to how our governments are collecting and monitoring all our private data.

Revisiting Widows’ Colony 30 years after the Sikh Massacre

12 March 2015
My visit to Widows' Colony where the affected families were rehabilitated exposed me to the extent of the continuing injustice of 1984

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Juveniles detained under the draconian PSA released

Urgent Action appeals were issued calling for the release of juveniles who had been detained under the Public Safety Act.

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