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Voices of Amnesty

Voices Of Amnesty - Jafferkhanpet,Chennai

Where: Corporation Community Centre. Vadivel Naikhan Street, Near Kasi Theatre, Chennai
When: Sunday 14 September, 11:00 am

Voices Of Amnesty - Villivakkam,Chennai

Where: SIDCO nagar, Corporation community centre, SIDCO Nagar Main road, Near sub registrar office. Villivakkam
When: Sunday 14 September, 4:00 pm

Voices Of Amnesty - Teynampet,Chennai

Where: K B Dhasan Corporation community hall, K Barathidasan Road (K B Dhasan Road ), Near SIET college
When: Saturday 04 October, 5:00 pm

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Pakistan: Resuming executions ‘not the answer’ to Peshawar school tragedy

18 December 2014
The Pakistani government must resist giving in to fear and anger in the wake of the Peshawar school tragedy and maintain its moratorium on executions

Authorities must release Irom Sharmila following government decision to decriminalize suicide

16 December 2014
Following the repeal of Section 309 of IPC that criminalizes attempt to commit suicide, Irom Sharmila must be released immediately and unconditionally.

New poll backs calls for US corporation to face court over Bhopal disaster

01 December 2014
New poll results show clear public support, in both India and the USA, for US corporation Union Carbide to face an Indian court over the Bhopal gas leak disaster

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Robust means needed to act against child labour: Amnesty International

16 December 2014
Amnesty International is calling on all governments to urgently reform their practices and live up to their commitments under the Convention, said Salil Shetty.

#Bhopal30 Survivor Stories: Satinath “Sathyu” Sarangi, the volunteer who never left

05 December 2014
Satinath Sarangi was working in a small village about 100km from Bhopal when he first heard about the gas leak over the radio.

#Bhopal30 Survivor Stories: “The gas leaked shattered our dreams” - Shahzadi B

05 December 2014
Aged 60, Shahzadi Bi lives with her family in Blue Moon Colony, one of the 22 slums that surround the old pesticide factory, blighted by water contamination.

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Juveniles detained under the draconian PSA released

Urgent Action appeals were issued calling for the release of juveniles who had been detained under the Public Safety Act.

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