Afghanistan: Bombing of Kunduz hospital a deplorable loss of life that must be investigated

03 October 2015
The MSF surgical hospital in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan was hit by repeated airstrikes, killing at least nine staff members and an unknown number of patients.

Sri Lanka: UN war crimes resolution marks a turning point for victims

01 October 2015
A crucial resolution adopted at the UN Human Rights Council today offers the victims of Sri Lanka’s armed conflict the prospect of finally getting the truth and justice they deserve

CAR: Companies must not profit from blood diamonds

30 September 2015
'Chains of Abuse: The global diamond supply chain and the case of the Central African Republic', documents several other abuses in the diamond sector, including child labour and tax abuse.

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A woman human rights defender’s satyagraha in India’s coal belt

02 October 2015
“I am often taunted by people saying you don’t have to become a Medha Patkar when you have your own family and home to take care of.”

Protecting the rights of people on the move

25 September 2015
The world’s refugees and displaced people are being failed by global inaction on human rights

What can Europe do to welcome refugees?

23 September 2015
Now is the time to put pressure on Europe’s leaders to give refugees the welcome and support they’re entitled to. Here's what Amnesty is asking for, and how you can help.

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CIC orders Tihar jail to release prisoner information based on our second appeal

The Central Information Commission has directed the Tihar Jail authorities to give ‘release related’ information to undertrial prisoners to enable them to be released.

4,00,000 voices and still counting.

Amnesty International India launched a public campaign in October 2014 ahead of the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Sikh Massacre urging the Indian government to establish an independent team to reinvestigate the cases, and demanding that authorities bring to justice all those responsible for the massacre – whether they are political leaders, police or government officials.

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