SC judgment must lead to justice for Manipur’s fake encounters

14 July 2017
The Supreme Court has offered a hope of justice for the many families in Manipur who have lost their loved ones in fake encounters. There can be no room for impunity for such crimes.

Overuse of pre-trial detention continues to violate detainees’ rights

12 July 2017
Legal safeguards to prevent excessive pretrial detention are routinely flouted across states in India, leading to the violations of detainees’ fair trial rights, Amnesty International India said in a new briefing published today.

Attack on Amarnath pilgrims against the fundamental principles of humanity

11 July 2017
Amnesty International India condemns the attack on Amarnath piligrims

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Amnesty in Action

Amnesty's History
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The Adivasis fight back

15 June 2017
For decades, the exploitation of the mineral rich lands of our Adivasis has happened without their meaningful consent and without adequate compensation and rehabilitation.

Manipur: In the waiting room of justice

17 May 2017
“They don’t trust families. They don’t trust local judges”, a Manipuri researcher who didn’t want to be named, told me.

Amnesty International Global Report ‘Death Sentences & Executions 2016’

11 April 2017
Our Annual Death Penalty report is out! Amnesty International recorded significantly higher numbers of death sentences imposed in India when compared to previous year.

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Pretrial Detention - Impacts and Successes

Amnesty International India has, as a part of the advocacy work on this project, engaged with the Executive, Prisons Department and the Judiciary since June 2013 resulting in some significant impacts and successes.

5 undertrial prisoners Amnesty International India helped release

Case stories of 5 undertrial prisoners who had spent considerable time in prisons without a

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