Amnesty International India and Markaz Foundation to conduct seminar on safe migration

02 September 2015
Amnesty International India and Markaz Foundation, will conduct a seminar for students of Markaz Law College on safe migration practices and improvements to migrant recruitment practices.

India: Law Commission report must lead to abolition of death penalty

01 September 2015
The Indian government must heed the findings of a Law Commission report on the unfairness of the death penalty in India and immediately abolish it for all crimes

Gujarat: Government must avoid unnecessary or excessive force in policing protests

27 August 2015
Under international human rights standards, law enforcement officials must always exercise restraint in using force, and ensure that any force used is necessary and proportional.

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The Policeman Said: It Happened in Your Own Car, So How is this Kidnap?

02 September 2015
"I wish the cops had been more sensitive towards my case, especially the inspector who was initially in charge"

Defending the constitution in India’s coal country

15 August 2015
This August 15th, while we celebrate those who fought for India’s independence, let’s recognize what freedom means for those who still struggle for it everyday in central India’s coal country.

10 questions you may have on Amnesty’s policy to protect human rights of sex workers

13 August 2015
Why does Amnesty need a policy to protect the human rights of sex workers?

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CIC orders Tihar jail to release prisoner information based on our second appeal

The Central Information Commission has directed the Tihar Jail authorities to give ‘release related’ information to undertrial prisoners to enable them to be released.

4,00,000 voices and still counting.

Amnesty International India launched a public campaign in October 2014 ahead of the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Sikh Massacre urging the Indian government to establish an independent team to reinvestigate the cases, and demanding that authorities bring to justice all those responsible for the massacre – whether they are political leaders, police or government officials.

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