Pakistan to hit shameful milestone of 300 executions in less than a year

24 November 2015
Pakistan will imminently have executed 300 people since it lifted a moratorium on executions, shamefully sealing its place among the world’s worst executioners

Authorities must ensure justice for abused Nepali domestic workers

19 November 2015
Indian and Saudi Arabian authorities must work together to deliver justice and reparation for two Nepali women who were raped and assaulted repeatedly

Prime Minister Modi’s visit: Human rights concerns in the UK

12 November 2015
An overview of Amnesty International’s priority human rights concerns for the UK that the international community can raise

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Amnesty in Action

Amnesty's History
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A seditious tune

18 November 2015
India's history of cracking the sedition whip to silence dissidents is well known. Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi are among the law's more famous targets.

India is muzzling its critics and harassing its NGOs: will Cameron speak out?

12 November 2015
Cameron has a choice during this visit: does he stand up and support human rights defenders and activists who are helping make human rights a reality in India in spite of the onslaught or does he continue to remain quiet on this issue?

[Research Diaries] NCRB Report: The devil is in the detail

05 November 2015
The NCRB reports on Prison and Crime Statistics in India is a primary source of informaton for many researchers. However, the accuracy and comprehensiveness of these reports are questionable.

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Pretrial Detention - Impacts and Successes

Amnesty International India has, as a part of the advocacy work on this project, engaged with the Executive, Prisons Department and the Judiciary since June 2013 resulting in some significant impacts and successes.

5 undertrial prisoners Amnesty International India helped release

Case stories of 5 undertrial prisoners who had spent considerable time in prisons without a

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