Dear President Sirisena,
Your 100-day agenda has restored our faith that a new Sri Lanka is possible. We are hopeful and excited about the prospect of
A Sri Lanka:

which has a compassionate presidency,
where everyone is treated equally and
where human rights are genuinely respected

We are happy that you have promised to strengthen the impartiality of crucial institutions like the judiciary that the previous government had weakened. The reinstatement of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake is an important first step. For years our sisters and brothers in Sri Lanka have witnessed killings, bloodshed, threats and attacks on civilians. We want you to end their suffering.

SAY YES to take the following steps within 100 days:

  1. End Discrimination: Protect ethnic linguistic and religious minorities and ensure full investigation of any attacks against them
  2. Ensure impartial investigation: Pass laws that strengthen independent institutions like the judiciary, police, human rights commissions and prosecute those suspected of committing human rights violations and crimes under international law
  3. Protect Witness: Introduce witness protection to enable effective investigation into alleged human rights violations and crimes under international law
  4. Open up Free Speech: Protect journalists and activists from threats and attacks.

Yours sincerely, 25 lakh Amnesty International India supporters who take injustice personally.