Shri Om Prakash
Director General & Inspector General of Police, Karnataka

Dear Sir,

Heartfelt congratulations on your appointment as the new DG & IGP of Karnataka! I support and stand with you on your commitment to women’s safety in the state.

Many women face the threat of sexual violence & harassment every day. According to government data, of those who have faced sexual violence, 30% tell someone about their experience, but only 1 out of every 100 reports it to the police.

A woman who chooses to report may face many challenges: delayed registration of the FIR, lack of information about her options, biased attitudes towards her, and fear for her safety throughout the process of reporting.

It is very important that the police have clear guidelines to follow while registering these reports. I’ve come to know that the state of Karnataka, has no written guidelines for the police to follow while registering sexual violence cases. These guidelines would support police officials to respond promptly to women who approach them to file complaints.

I request you to begin your tenure with a gesture to women in the state by instructing police stations to adopt and follow a clear & comprehensive WRITTEN PROTOCOL for registering reports of sexual violence. This protocol must require police to:

· Register cases immediately & provide full information about the process of FIR registration to the complainant

· Act in a sensitive, non-discriminatory manner while registering reports

· Interview the complainant in a safe, secure & private environment

Sir, you can make Karnataka a state where women feel confident & safe to report sexual violence.

I am hopeful that a new era of women’s safety will begin in my state Karanataka, under your able leadership.

Yours Sincerely,

A concerned citizen of Karnataka along with Amnesty International India.