18 October 2017
13:41 PM

Myanmar: New evidence of systematic campaign of crimes against humanity to drive Rohingyas out

‘My World Is Finished’: Rohingya Targeted in Crimes against Humanity in Myanmar describes how Myanmar’s security forces are carrying out a systematic, organized and ruthless campaign of violence against the Rohingya population as a whole in northern Rakhine State

17 October 2017
15:47 PM

Charges against Kancha Ilaiah are another absurd attack on freedom of expression

The charges against writer and a staunch critic of the caste system, Kancha Ilaiah, due to his book, are an absurd assault on the right to freedom of expression

11 October 2017
16:49 PM

SINGAPORE: Executions continue in flawed attempt to tackle drug crime, despite limited reforms

Singapore's continued reliance on mandatory death sentences, which violate international law, has meant that dozens of low level drug offenders have been sent to death row in recent years.

10 October 2017
16:38 PM

Reports of assault on Nigerian national deeply concerning

Despite denial by the police, this attack is another example of hate crimes against Africans in India. The Delhi police must bring all involved in the assault to justice.

10 October 2017
11:48 AM

40 years of death penalty declaration, executing States now an increasingly isolated minority

States that retain and use the death penalty are increasingly isolated and should take steps to join the global trend, Amnesty International said today on the 15th World Day Against the Death Penalty.

06 October 2017
17:25 PM

OPEN LETTER: ASEAN must address human rights violations around the Myanmar Rakhine Crisis

13 Amnesty International section directors submitted an open letter to ASEAN

05 October 2017
17:54 PM

Myanmar / Bangladesh: Rohingya refugees must not be forced home to abuse and discrimination

The international community must help ensure that no Rohingya refugees are forced back to Myanmar as long as they remain at risk of serious human rights violations following the army’s vicious campaign of ethnic cleansing.

05 October 2017
16:58 PM

European governments return nearly 10,000 Afghans to risk of death and torture

European governments have put thousands of Afghans in harm’s way by forcibly returning them to a country where they are at serious risk of torture, kidnapping, death and other human rights abuses

27 September 2017
18:27 PM

Reports of mass grave in Rakhine deeply disturbing

A mass grave has been found containing the bodies of 28 Hindus suspected to have been killed by a Rohingya armed group in Rakhine State.

25 September 2017
15:50 PM

Crackdown on students at Banaras Hindu University disgraceful

University authorities must not turn a blind eye to allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. Students have a right to peaceful protest.