15 May 2014
21:38 PM

Dow blocks Amnesty International calls to face up to toxic legacy of Bhopal

Amnesty International is deeply disappointed by Dow’s decision to block the resolution.

14 May 2014
15:20 PM

Amnesty International: Acceptability of torture highest in India and China

Shockingly, 74 per cent respondents in India feel that torture can sometimes be justified to gain information that may protect the public.

03 May 2014
21:14 PM

Assam violence condemnable and shows contempt for human lives

It is the fundamental right of people of every person to live free from violence and discrimination.

18 April 2014
17:21 PM

Amnesty International India condemns killing of Sarpanch in J&K

The perpetrators in the shooting of Mohammad Amin Pandit must be brought to justice in proceedings that meet international fair trial standards.

15 April 2014
18:13 PM

SC verdict on transgender people historic; must lead to repeal of Section 377

Million lives would improve thanks to Supreme Court's recognition of transgender people’s human rights.

31 March 2014
15:33 PM

Commutation of Bhullar’s death sentence must spur rethink on death penalty

Bhullar was sentenced to death in August 2001 for his involvement in a bomb attack in New Delhi in 1993.

30 March 2014
01:17 AM

India sidelines itself as UN investigation brings new hope for justice in Sri Lanka

India’s decision to abstain on a crucial UNHRC vote on Sri Lanka is an abdication of its human rights responsibilities.

23 March 2014
15:41 PM

Winner of “Go Geneva” initiative to attend ongoing UNHRC session

Regan Iruthayam, a research associate with a pharmaceutical company Syngene International, was chosen from over 40,000 people who expressed interest.

20 March 2014
15:52 PM

Sri Lankan government amplifies its ‘dirty tactics’ during UN session

The hasty release of two prominent human rights activists yesterday after their detention on 16 March is a welcome development.

19 March 2014
15:57 PM

India’s next Prime Minister must show evidence of commitment to human rights

Amnesty International India’s “14 for 2014” human rights charter calls on political parties to incorporate 14 key human rights issues in their election manifestos.