11 December 2013
11:52 AM

Dismaying top court ruling re-criminalizes homosexuality

Amnesty International India urges the Indian Parliament to pass specific laws to criminalize sexual assault of men and transgender individuals.

18 November 2013
22:08 PM

Qatar: End corporate exploitation of migrant construction workers

Amnesty International’s findings have highlighted the inadequacy of Qatar government’s existing arrangements to protect migrant workers.

17 November 2013
22:13 PM

Sri Lanka: World must not abandon Sri Lanka’s victims after CHOGM

The international community must keep up pressure on the Sri Lankan government to address its human rights crisis.

22 October 2013
22:19 PM

Thousands support Amnesty’s campaign urging Indian PM to not attend CHOGM

Countless disappearances and horrific human rights abuses continue to foster a climate of fear and repression in Sri Lanka.

17 October 2013
22:26 PM

Commonwealth must stop Sri Lanka stifling human rights efforts

After CHOGM, Sri Lanka is expected to be handed the chairmanship of the Commonwealth for the next two years.

01 October 2013
12:58 PM

India must release prisoner of conscience on prolonged hunger strike

Irom Sharmila has been on an indefinite fast since 2 November 2000, demanding the lifting of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA).

15 July 2013
15:56 PM

Development and Adivasi rights

For the first time, tribal communities in India will have a say in implementation of projects that affect them