News / Undertrials: Reducing Excessive Pre-Trial Detention

12 July 2017
13:24 PM

Overuse of pre-trial detention continues to violate detainees’ rights

Legal safeguards to prevent excessive pretrial detention are routinely flouted across states in India, leading to the violations of detainees’ fair trial rights, Amnesty International India said in a new briefing published today.

02 June 2017
15:21 PM

URGENT ACTION: Activists Held Under Administrative Detention

G Thirumurugan Gandhi, D Arun Kumar, M Tyson, and Ilamaran were arrested on 21 May 2017 for attempting to stage a peaceful memorial for Tamils killed in the final stages of the civil war in Sri Lanka. Currently detained under a Tamil Nadu administrative detention law, they are at risk of being held without charge or trial for 12 months.

21 August 2015
13:02 PM

The Good, Bad and Ugly: This week in Human Rights

Following India's 69th annual Independence day, the weekly round up of human rights in the news.

30 January 2015
19:10 PM

Freedom, interrupted

Undertrials — accounting for nearly 70 per cent of our prison population — often suffer a fate worse than those convicted.

30 October 2014
17:58 PM

Two-thirds of prison inmates in India are undertrials

Nearly 2,000 children of women inmates live behind bars, 80 per cent of those women being undertrials.

07 September 2014
18:18 PM

70% of undertrials haven’t attended court hearings

Around 70 per cent of the 3,000 undertrial prisoners (UTPs) lodged in Bangalore Central Prison could not attend court hearings between January and June in 2014.

06 September 2014
18:05 PM

Caged ordeal

Everywhere in the world there is one class of people who are kept in prisons though their guilt may not have been established by a process of law

05 September 2014
15:18 PM

Supreme Court order on undertrials must spur systemic changes

"The Supreme Court’s order is inspiring and welcome,” said Divya Iyer, Research Manager at Amnesty International India.

28 July 2014
17:06 PM

The Devastating Stories Of Over 100000 Young Lives Being Destroyed By The Indian Judicial System

The pain of being forgotten by the same law which gives them the right to live and freedom is nothing less than frustrating for these prisoners and their families.

25 July 2014
16:43 PM

Framed and Forgotten: The Fate of many Under Trials in India

More than 65% of those in prison are under trial, notes former Right to Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi.

23 July 2014
16:41 PM

‘65% of prisoners in India are undertrials’

India among world’s “10 worst” in terms of undertrial proportion.”

23 July 2014
16:30 PM

RTI REVELATION - ‘68% prisoners are undertrials’

With 8,940 undertrial prisoners languishing in its jails, Karnataka paints a grim picture of the criminal justice system.

23 July 2014
16:30 PM

No access to kin for yrs, life was hell for youth

With no information as to why he was being arrested, Prajwal was taken to prison, where he eventually learnt that he was charged with 14 theft cases.

22 July 2014
17:03 PM

Undertrials left to suffer in K’taka: Amnesty

Karnataka govt must immediately identify and release eligible undertial prisoners

22 July 2014
16:37 PM

Undertrials, India placed among worst 10 countries, Gandhi

Our jails are overcrowded and one of the reasons for this is not releasing people who are eligible to be free as per the provision of section 436A

22 July 2014
16:35 PM

Amnesty Int’l extends support to undertrials

Amnesty International India has launched a campaign called “Take Injustice Personally”

22 July 2014
16:33 PM

Undertrials, India placed among worst 10 countries: Gandhi

With over 65% of prisoners being undertrails, India amongst the "worst" ten nations

22 July 2014
16:30 PM

Four undertrials missing for a year

RTI activists unearthed a huge deficit of information with the prisons department while scouting for undertrial prisoners

22 July 2014
14:43 PM

Karnataka’s undertrials suffer because of faulty prison systems and failure

The Karnataka government must urgently identify and release eligible undertrial prisoners and show its commitment to respecting prisoners’ rights.