Around India, hundreds of individuals face grave threats of having their human rights violated and abused. Amnesty International India works to stand up for their rights and ensue that justice and accountability is delivered.

We work for the rights of individuals by lobbying state authorities, advocacy with the government and other organizations and through public campaigns. We create case files for each individual person, a group of people or an entire community.

Our Individuals campaigns can be focussed on:

Prisoners of Conscience: Those who have been detained solely because of their political, religious or other beliefs - ethnic or national origin, gender or sexual orientation, or any other status.

Unfair trials: Unfair trials of people who have been detained and subjected to a trial that does not meet international fair trial standards, does not allow them information on the charges, access to legal representation of their choosing , or denies the right to being present at their own trial, and being tried before an independent and impartial court.

Human rights defenders: People who promote and protect their own rights and the rights of others by non-violent means.

Enforced disappearances: When an individual has been taken into custody by government authorities, yet the government denies having the individual. The person is outside the protection of law and no information on their whereabouts is made available.

Torture and ill-treatment: Any act that is intended to inflict sever pain or suffering, either physical or mental, on an individual. The purpose is often to gain information, obtain a confession, punish, intimidate or terrorise.

Death penalty: People on death row face the ultimate cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment given by governments. Amnesty International India opposes the death penalty in all cases.

Our campaigns for Individuals at Risk aim to:

  • defend and protect the rights of individuals who are at risk of human rights violations or experiencing human rights violations
  • improve the systemic issues that allow human rights abuses to occur
  • raise awareness of these human rights abuses and highlight the concerns around them, to people everywhere—in India and the around the world.

Since 1961, Amnesty International has worked toward the upholding of the rights of individuals, and even today, this is the heart of Amnesty’s area of our work. We do this with the support of our members like you who take action on behalf of Amnesty and give voice to our concern for human rights. Through your efforts we have fought for the rights of several individuals across India. We need your support to continue doing this through urgent actions and full fledged campaigns for individuals.


Your action can give individuals at risk, hope and motivation. Your action can also send a message to the authorities that people around the world are watching.

Standing up for the human rights of an individuals is a simple yet powerful action anyone can take.