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When I was returning home from the near by temple, a boy followed me home. I have been scared ever since. There is no security for women. Men see women as objects rather than human beings. The society needs to change. Their perspective needs to change. Respecting woman should be taught in every household. More rules and laws should be made for women safety.

P Maheswari, Chennai


Nirbhaya case was a shocking incident and has affected me badly.  The judiciary system in India should have a fast process because it takes years to punish the culprits. There should be some strict law against such crimes.

Kundam Kumar Singh, Hyderabad


Nowadays in buses woman are touched inappropriately.  These may seem as minor issues but they are not. It makes us feels uncomfortable. The public transport system in Tamil Nadu especially in Chennai are not good and measures should be taken so such incidents do not occur. There should be separate seating for ladies so that such abuses can be stopped.

Madugula Jyothi D.P, Hyderabad


Centers for rehabilitation and counseling are a must in India especially for people who commit crimes.

R Esther Sharon, Chennai


After the Swathi case, I think there should be more protection in the railway stations because thousands of people travel every day. Culprit should be punished and security guards should be appointed in public spaces

Ritwik Nagappa , Pune


Abuse against women has been on a rise. Laws should be made severe so people would be scared before committing such horrible crimes.

R Amrutha, Chennai


It is true that after 8pm it is not safe for women to go outside. Parents should make boys more responsible and respectful. Because that will make women feel safer. I will make sure that my son follows such principals.

D Kousalya, Chennai


Swathi who was murdered on the railway station of Chennai in front of several people is a big incident that indicates women safety in public spaces is very important.

P K Kannagi, Chennai


My friend belongs from the kukkampatti village who faces caste discrimination every day. He is called named on the basis of his caste and during festivals he is told to cook separately. Caste discrimination is very much prevalent in our society and it needs to be addressed. 

Vinoth S, Bengaluru


It is important that every person is taught about human rights. It is not only restricted to law but also human behavior and compassion.

Rohan Rajendra Rane, Mumbai


Swathi’s case in Chennai affected me badly. The people who were at the spot should have stopped that person and they should have helped her. It is our responsibility to help one in need and to make this society better.

M Susan, Chennai


A 12 year-old girl was raped and no action was taken by the society. Isn’t it our responsibility? Government has to take steps to teach and create awareness to everyone in the society and conduct some events and activities so women are able to protect themselves and feel empowered. 

P Prabhakar, Hyderabad


One day when I was riding the train, I witnessed a mentally challenged woman undressed and was being told by the lady officers to step outside the train. The woman was alone and was unable to give details about her family or where she lived. I felt helpless. There should be a way for us to help such people so they can reach their home safely. Probably a center we can contact. We can become responsible citizens only if facilities are provided to us.

S.Usha, Chennai


My friend is physically tortured by her in-laws. She tried to seek help from an NGO but the situation remains the same. This kind of domestic violence should not only be taken care by the NGO’s but the government as well. Strict action needs to be taken against such people.

Pushkar Garewal, Hyderabad


Creative ways to spread awareness to every part of the nation is an important step to insure women security and dignity.

Sarika, Hyderabad


Corruption is spreading like wild fire. Something needs to be done to stop such a mess so that innocent people are not assaulted.

Jaydeep.N.Sudha, Mumbai


I was returning home with my friend one night and a boy started to circle around us while we rode his bike. He touched my friend inappropriately and made abusive comments. We were scared and made it home as soon as possible. Empowerment for woman is very important. If government can provide classes for woman on how to deal in such situations verbally and physically then we will be more confident.

Pragati Satishbansod, Pune


Most people in villages are uneducated and we need to create awareness about the importance of education especially for children. Educating the rural area will help them grow and make a better livelihood. 

Shivasni MIisri, Pune


Every day women are facing human rights abuses. In offices, many women are not paid properly and we can’t do much about it. There should be a way where we can demand for equal pay and respect in work culture. 

Suganniya.G, Bengaluru


Day by day child labor is escalating. We have to educate the poor and create awareness.  For daily income, the parents send their children to work without second thoughts about their child’s education. Parents need to know that their future can be better if their children are educated and only then they will be able to provide better for the family. I’m ready to stand against child labor and so should the government.

Moparthi S Kumar, Chennai


In a democratic country, each and every individual has the right to express. They should not be arrested for speaking their views. The constitution says that we have the right to freedom of speech and expression. 



Everyone should speak up against brutality and oppression.

Abhinav Suresh , Bengaluru


I am concerned about tamilians. Human rights abuses still exists in Sri Lanka. Action needs to be taken both by the society and the government.

Javith Hussain , Chennai


To stop children begging at road side and some organization should come forward to provide educational facilities to the children begging so that they can become skillful and knowledgeable.

Karthik K Korada , Chennai


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